Eddy Grossenstein


Eddy Grossenstein procedes from a family of German Lutherans, originally from Hamburg and from the Grossenstein Village near Leipzig, and he is a descendant of the Leipzig Mayor Johann Carl Gross, a reputable legal author of the 19th century.

Eddy Grossenstein was born in Rio de Janeiro, he lived there until he was 20 and since his childhood he studied music with professional musicians and performed piano concerts.

During some years he was retired due a disease that doctors didn't know why he felt physically badly. And during the pandemic he healed discovering that it was just an allergic reaction to food elaborated with the pesticide glyphosate. After that Eddy could return to perform habitually.

Eddy is Composer of Easy Listening Music. He also and composes pop songs and makes arrangements for pop music artists.

Eddy Grossenstein obtained a degree with masters under a five years scholarship at the Chopin Conservatory of Warsaw, Poland. For his education, also important were the comments received from the renowned pianist Magda Tagliaferro and from the prominent concert impresarios Mr. Frank Ross and Mr. Doctor Kiko Hernández.

He performed many of the standard repertoire as a soloist of symphonic orchestras, but he prefers to perform as a conductor-soloist of small string ensembles.

He was the principal conductor from the Sinfonietta of Madrid, Spain, performing concerts for international broadcast televisions.

Eddy has made recordings in the U.K. and in the United States.

He worked with the Manager-Representative of tenor Plácido Domingo, Mr. J.M.Chinchilla, and also with Mr. R.Stein, Manager-Representative of soprano Teresa Berganza.

The famous Pianists Maria João Pires and Edith Farnadi praised Eddy's qualities as a Musician.

Eddy has performed the most part of the piano literature but his repertoire is mostly the Germanic Classical Music. And he understands it as the music from the Baroque to Modern era from the Germanic region, the Italian Baroque that preceded and influenced it and the Classical Music of South America that is structured as a Germanic composition using the South American folklore.

Eddy loves to teach and some of his students have performed professionally.

Eddy believes in the immense power of the live concert music consumption, which considerably enhances people's ability to concentrate and multiplies the sophistication of the society.



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