Compositions With Dedicatory

Would you like to have your name in a Music Piece title forever?
Dedicated to you?
Do you know how to get this sense of eternity?
Eddy has all you need to get your Music Piece Dedicated, Personalized and Forever.

Please see below Details, Presentation and Pricing

Music Composition
Recordings for Download

You will get a Music Score Dedicated, a Dedicatory Page, your Name and Surname on the Music Title if desired and a High Quality Sound Recording (See Recordings for Download).

Eddy's Easy Listening Music

Eddy's Compositions dedicated to you or to your special person.
- This ‘for you song’, with your name and surname in the title, will be distributed all over the world.

Our Distribuition

Eddy's Music are distributed as a Background Music, or Ambient Music, at a huge number of: - Restaurants - Cafes - Cafeterias - Waiting rooms - Shops - And Similar Places

The presenTaTion

You will receive by email and if desired, also by post:

- The Front and the Dedicatory pages
- The Original Score with your name and surname in the title, or your special person's name
- A link in the email directing to your Music Dedicated Recording, in high fidelity sound

In our Portfolio you can find some new Compositions free of Dedications

As well as other music already with Dedicatories:


This is specially not expensive. Please ask for a quote at and please write some words about yourself and your music genre preferences

This purchase includes the Personalized Score and Dedicatory, the Recording and Postal Sending