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Hello, I am Eddy Grossenstein. I consider myself as a peculiar Pianist, Conductor and Composer.

My piano recitals are 'a la antique', as it was usual before the romantics Liszt and Chopin. I talk about music with the audiences, my repertoire is the Germanic baroque and classics, and also the music that followed this Germanic composition traditions, as the concert music of South America. And I usually perform in venues small enough to get a sense of proximity, as during Bach to Beethoven time.

I am a Conductor of small string groups, performing and conducting from the piano also the Germanic baroque and classics.

And as a Composer I deeply love pop music. I write 'Easy Listening' piano pieces for myself that usually I reserve ten minutes of my recitals to perform it and I got great satisfaction with the experience of having written music and arrangements for many relevant pop artists.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro from a family of German Lutherans, I got a degree and masters from the Chopin Conservatory of Warsaw, Poland and I performed concerts since I was young. During some years I was retired due a disease that doctors didn't know why I felt physically badly. And during the pandemic I healed discovering that it was just an allergic reaction to food elaborated with the pesticide glyphosate. After that I could return to perform habitually.

Please visit other pages of this website dedikations.com, where you can know me better, listen to my recordings and get one of my compositions dedicated to you or for some special person of yours.

Please find below a detailed Bio.

"Your Bach is very good" - EDITH FARNADI, Pianist

The Pianist MARIA JOÃO PIRES wrote a letter praising Eddy's qualities as a Pianist

"He discovered the Magical Realism of the South American Classical Music"
KIKO HERNÁNDEZ, Theater and Circus Worldwide Director

"Never loose your devotion"

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